Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

This week has been great, we are finding lot of new families and working a lot with the members. Once we started to get more numbers in the week, we found more success. The more sheep we talk to the more sheep we find. We are teaching the lawyer Eduardo and he has come to church the last two weeks and really likes it, he has lots of friends in the church, now we have got to find out why he’s a little apprehensive about baptism. He wants to be baptize but feels like it should be later like a month later, but the spirit will help him. Saturday we got to go to a conference in Cordoba. The whole mission was there and so were Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband, with Elder Ceballos and a few other seventy. It was a powerful conference, BIG focus on the member missionary work. We got to shake their hand, it was a most spiritual experience being there and feeling of the powerful spirit. The things they taught rang true in my heart. I know this is the work of the Lord and I know that this is His church. When we come to know where we came from and our true destiny, we will come not only to have peace but learn that our heavenly father is a merciful loving God, and we are on a path, to become like him. I thank God for our savior whom he had chosen since the beginning of time to drink of the bitter cup that had to be drunk, to only fulfill the great plan established. I love this gospel!

Elder Nelson

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

This week was full of miracles! I testify of the power of prayer and fasting. I have made it a goal to pray with more faith, so that my prayers reach the Heavens, and diligently fast looking for the spirit. It’s amazing what miracles have come with prayer, fasting and planning. We fasted and prayed for Eduardo our investigator and we had a great lesson with him this week that was exactly what he needed. Then he came to a baptism and church this week really interested. He said in the sacrament meeting he could really feel the presence of God. I love that man. All these things have come from faith and diligence. It was a great week and I thank my father in heaven.

Elder Nelson

February 10, 2014

This week has been great, I really don't remember much, the progression in this area is really slow, we have been trying to focus on reactivating elders. The other day we were walking in a neighborhood that is a little dangerous and a young kid came up to us, he was about 11 years old, and i noticed his Boston Celtics t-shirt and I commented on it, and he said yeah I love basketball, and then he said, go to my house and talk to my family, so we went with him to his house and met with his family, we had a good lesson with them, we invited his dad to be baptized and he said if he received his answer he would be baptized so, that was really cool and about the only highlight of this week. i know this work is true and can only be done by worthy servants. i think of the words of Elder Holland when he said sanctify yourselves bretheren, talking about how we will never know when we are needed! We must always been clean and ready to serve him! We never know who we might need to save. i love this work. 

Elder Nelson

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Oh my gosh I wanna cry!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this year all of my life, my Hawks won!!! They killed it, I love Peyton but I’m so glad the hawks kick butt and shut up the critics! I always had the feeling the Seahawks would win when I was on my mission. (Yep! He has said that since the Seahawks went to the Superbowl the last time!  Glad we have technology and he will be able to watch the game when he returns in December! I know he will love it then too!)  but I’ll talk more about that 10 months from now.....

This week was great for me personally as well as the branch, we have a new branch president who is really doing good work, coming from Rosario since 10 months he had served as a bishop and in the stake presidency over there and now he is here to clean up the branch here, such a great guy, his name is Presidente Torricela (Tori Chela). After hearing about miracles that come from the power of prayer I decided to better my prayers and to really say them as if I was talking to God in person. I then realized the importance to be 100 percent exact obedient and seek the power of the spirit in all I do. As I pray more often, repent more often and seek the spirit, I see changes in how I act and how I do the work. The Spirit is everything, like it says in Doctrine and Covenants, I receive the spirit by the prayer of faith and if I have not the spirit I shall not teach.

We were walking in the street the other day and a man stopped and started to look at us, I saw him and walked by and said , Hola como esta, and we began to strike up a conversation walking side by side in the street, I asked him what he did for work, he said he’s a lawyer, he asked us if we were missionaries, I said yep, have to talked to guys like us before, he said yeah a few times, then I asked him a questions as if it didn't come from me but the Lord, I asked have you read the Book of Mormon before, he said I’ve had it in my hands a few times and read it a bit, then another inspired question flew out of my mouth as if it came from the Lord and not me, I said, have you prayed to ask God if what you read was true....he then said, I didn’t know that was part of it, I then testified to him of the power of prayer and that God answers, he said, come by my place when you can, we will talk more about this, and now he is reading the Book of Mormon and we challenged him to pray. I just love those kinds of moments when you feel like the Lord really is guiding people to you, even if they stop right in front of you in the street. Elder Rivera is great I love him so much we are thrilled with our new investigator. We are trying to make changes in the area, and we see a bright future! I love this work and my savior! :)

Elder Nelson
Go Hawks!

Proud "Dad"