Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Monday the new two elders arrived. They are white washing the area of Jose I. Diaz 1 (White washing means they are both new to the area) So I went with Elder Larson on Tuesday and I helped him know the area and a few members and then Wednesday Elder Larson was able to go with Elder Montes his new comp to start work in their area. Elder Barbosa and I have been in our area working well with members. Still very little results. It’s interesting to see the Lords time in all things. I know that our area has the potential to burst in any moment, but as we keep in diligence we will then see the fruits. It’s a test of our faith. I know that with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can be sustained in our trials and make things happen. That’s been our quote for the mission recently, Make things happen, so even though the work is slow, things need to happen. Diligence and faith with a loving obedience to our Savior makes things happen.

It has been a good first week as a leader, I have learned lots and also never felt so tired in my life ha, but I love serving and being a minister. In the dictionary administer means to manage, minister means to help people according to their needs. I learned that it’s not just administering that makes a good leader, its most importantly ministering and guiding, just like the Savior. Before I was called to be a district leader I prayed for more opportunities to minister. I’ve seen that thus far in this week. It makes me think of when I was called as a 2nd counselor to the Elder quorum pres. I see similarities in the calling and it helped me know what to do. I love this work.

May 19, 2014

This week we are trying to work more with members. We have been really seeing success with the referrals of the members so that’s good! there are a few ladies in the ward who have friends we are teaching, one of them just got back from a mission so she knows lots and helps us lots too, as we work through the members we see a better reaction towards us from the people, because its not just us knocking doors but we are mutual friends and that helps lots. I’m staying with Elder Barbosa for another transfer, I love him! We will see lots of success! :)

May 12, 2014

It was great t talk to you all yesterday. It just reminded me more that you guys are my best friends! I love my family very much. 

This week was great, we started Monday in an area by Cordoba called alta gracia, we did a big splash which is when there are more than 4 elders in one area working. The whole zone worked in that area for a bit on Monday and we saw some miracles. Then tues I was on an exchange with elder Reyes in the las flores ward. We had a great time, we worked hard and I got to meet members from that ward. Then the next few days I was kind of sick so I didn’t do a lot. Then the rest of the week, we worked! We found a few really prepared people thru the members! I love that, I know that thru them there are prepared people! As we went to the church yesterday we saw another burnt window. So, there are trials with the ward, but after the trails comes the blessings :)

May 6, 2014

 big zone p day, zona cordoba sur

Elder fields and i remember him, i love that guy

Elder Hellstern!!

Elder big guy Jassman, me and me hijo elder rivera

The three, ya know em all, waldron michalek

elder wheten was in my zone in when i was in villa maria

clip on tie

In the center of Cordoba, in the plaza

famous building in Cordoba

 famous building in Cordoba

some gangsters burnt our chapel one night,
its a pretty dangerous area :) all smiles

More damage 

getting ready for the world cup! VAMOS ARGENTINA!! 

Yesterday  big zone p-day

Last night i was being shocked of all my fat,
haha its a machine that contracts the muscles
and takes away fat ha

April 28, 2014

This week has been great. We have worked really hard in finding a way to teach more with the members, they help so much and we need to work more with them. At times we get upset because they don’t work with us, but it goes both ways, we need to work with them. We have been going to visit lots of referrals and we have found some really good people to teach, I love it. The members here are great. We had a zone conference on Thursday! I got to see lots of my old companions like Elder Jassman (Who is in his last transfer as an AP), Elder Hellstern, Elder Michalek, Elder Rivera my hijo, and lots of friends. I heard that Villa Maris is exploding right now. Lots of baptisms! So it made me happy after working there with very few of anything for 4 months. So life is good! I love the mission, I love this work! I know my Savior lives!