Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

This week was crazy! We had lots of logistic work to get done for the three people being baptized and a big Branch activity we had on Saturday. I did an exchange with my district leader, he’s cool, we got the baptismal interviews done and then elder Gilman and I were working to get the baptismal service ready. On Saturday, Paola, Venus and Miguel all were baptized! Very cool! I was blessed to have the opportunity to baptize for the first time and it was so spiritual. I Love these three people and I know they are doing the right thing. They are wonderful and are and will be great members for the work of the Lord. I’m happy. So happy, seeing those three be baptized that I love so much is so amazing. I know that it’s by the power of God, the Priesthood that they are made clean and free from sin. All three bore their testimony in Sacrament, Paola was great, she has progressed so much! She’ll be a great member, and Venus made me smile so much and she really has a testimony even at 9 years old. She chose me to baptize her and I was so thankful to be able to do that for her. I also baptized Miguel, he’s my amigito (Little Buddy) he bore his testimony and couldn’t say much because he was crying, he really knows its true! The Lord is blessing Cosquin, we baptized three and we had 6 investigators in church on Sunday all with fechas (Dates for baptism) I love seeing the growth not just in numbers but in spiritual strength in the branch. The activity was great. They made Locro which is a big soup full of all kinds of things, even parts of a cow’s stomach (which actually wasn’t as bad as you would think ;) ha) I love this branch! I love my Savior as well. He needed to suffer for us, and he could not do it without the Father. It’s such an example to us, because we cannot do anything without our Savior, Christ. I know that Christ is my Savior and I so often need him. I love this perfect gospel and I know I need every bit of it in my life. I’ve come to find for myself that I cannot pick and choose what parts of this gospel I want to live, its all of it that I must live, because of my goals and because I love my Father.

Elder Nelson

Elder Gilman and Elder Nelson with Paola and Venus just before their baptism!

With Miguel

After their baptisms! 

Mixing up the Locro with new member Carlos! yum yum!

Meeting with ward mission leader...The HERMANO CAMPOS!!!!!! haha in his prayer once he said he was thankful for the prophet..Gordon Monson ha hes a goofy guy! hes always saying stuff wrong!
He's great! I love him!

May 20, 2013

This week has been good and fun. Elder Gilman and I have been really working hard to prepare a few people for baptism. As we have been focusing our studies on the people and really working hard to bring the spirit in each lesson, we have seen many miracles in this work. So far for sure we have 3 people getting baptized this weekend and possibly a 4th, I’ll send pics but I’m so exited! They are wonderful people. Paola and Venus are way excited and Miguel is too, he’s a friend of a member and is so so cool! He’s 12! I can see the hand of the Lord in this work every day. I just pray constantly that I can remain worthy to keep helping him in his work.

Elder Nelson

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013


So good to hear from all you guys yesterday! I loved it! It just made me excited to work even harder in this work. This week was great, Elder Gilman and I have goals to find through the members and also working on completing part member families. It works pretty effective and it’s a way to baptize and activate at the same time. I kind of told you lots yesterday and I don’t really know what else to say other than I’m doing great! I love this work and my testimony of my Savior has grown and is still growing continually. He is the way, the only way we can be and live in our fathers presence again! Paola and Venus are still progressing and they are great! I love this work and the people we teach so much. I've never felt such a joy in my life before. The joy of sharing the gospel is great! It’s something that we all can partake of, full time missionary or not, every member can grow from missionary work. I will make sure to have a more full detailed email next week, I’m just drawing a blank right now haha. 5 months went by pretty fast, but so much happened in the last 5 months. Here’s a cool Argentina fact, the type of shoes that the Argentine cowboys wear are basically TOMS. Toms come from Argentina, the logo for toms is the Argentina flag and they are really popular here, and really cheap. They are not called toms here but kinda cool right! I love it here and I love this work sososo much!


Elder Nelson
Elder Nelson, Sergio, Elder Gilman, Carlos
Two cool new converts!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 6, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

So, big news this week. We had transfers! I got a new companion! My "old" companion, Elder Jassman went to Capital to be a DL, he’s gonna do awesome, he’s so great. Elder Cuevas, Elder Gilman’s comp went to rio cuarto, they closed the 2nd companionship in Cosquin and that leaves Elder Gilman and me as comps. He goes back to his home in Eagle Idaho after this transfer. So for the 1st 4 transfers of my mission I will have a different comp ha! We are so excited to get to work here is Cosquin and baptize! We Have been teaching Paula and Venus and they both came to church yesterday!!! :) So cool they will be baptized soon! I’m having a good time here in Cosquin. I’m learning a lot about the Argentine culture and I love it. The more I learn the more a fall in love with it. These people are so cool. Not really much to report on other than transfers but I’m so excited to work with elder Gilman on his last transfer! He’s cool.
Elder Nelson

Elders Jassman, Nelson, Gilman and Cuveas

It still amazes me that my "little" boy is a missionary!  Awesome!

"The Hills are Alive...." haha! Elder Nelson and His companion Elder Jassman hiked
the Mountain between their area of Cosquin and Cordoba

The City of Cosquin behind Elder Nelson

Elder Jassman and Elder Nelson

With Elder Hughes after exchanges

Elder Nelson and His new companion Elder Gilman

Sorry, still new to blogging and I can't quite figure out the pictures so some are big and some are normal! haha I am just so happy to get pictures!!! ~Jill~