Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

I feel like I’ve gone through a great build up week. I can feel the atonement working in me. It’s amazing how when we get close to the Lord, we can begin to see the great work he does in us. I watched the talk by Pres Eyring from October 2012 called where is the pavilion I think, and he talks about how when we go away from the lord we feel like he leaves us, but he never leaves us, he’s always there, but when we come to the Lord like he comes to us, we will never lose him. Elder Rivera is doing great, I feel like he’s training me, I’ve learned some really great lessons from him, he asks me a lot of questions, especially about the rules of the mission, like why? Why do we do this, why is it this way, and when I answer I learn. The doctrine always gives us the answer why, so as we study the doctrine we will know why we have to do things and we will change. We can find the doctrine in the scripture in conference talks, but every time someone begins to study doctrine, they begin to change. Elder Packer says when one understands the true doctrine, he will changes his attitude and behavior. This is true and I see it as my companion makes me look for the reasons WHY. I love this gospel and I love my Savior, I pray that not only I can become like him but I pray this gospel will spread rapidly so we all can become like Him.

Cordoba Temple in progress

Me and Elder Rivera

My Companion and I with President and Sister Alliaud

Finally got the Christmas packages! ha

Service project with the Juarez family

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well, I have my son! My hijo! His name is Elder Rivera from Peru!!! He has 3 weeks in the mission and is 18 years old. I love him to death! He came with a nice new suit with nice new shoes and bright white shirts! We all marveled at his clean clothes! It’s defiantly weird being on the other side now of training. I’m so use to being the young one and being trained but now I’m the one who is the example. But in reality he is training me. It’s an experience I feel I’m getting more out of than he is. Tuesday I went to the city of Bellville with the zone leaders so I could stay there that night and then travel to Cordoba with a sister who was training also so that she wasn’t traveling alone. We took a 3 hour bus trip to C√≥rdoba, then we took a taxi to the mission home, then we had a meeting for the trainers about how to train ha, (In our meeting with presidente someone asked what if we feel unqualified to do this, Pres said, that means you understand what it is you have to do, and he said that we are all unqualified, but we also aren't asked to do it alone, so he said doubt not fear not.....well here I go, I’m trying to just be a good example and love him as much as I can.) Then we were shown to our new companions, and we ate food did some office work and left to Villa Maria. It’s been such a fun time helping a new missionary. He did a lot of what I did, asking lots of questions and just kind of day dreaming most of the time ha but he’s great, he’s very smart and has lots of great ideas about how to help the work go forth. I love him. We had kind of a slow week, just getting the hang of things with the new companions and everything, all the traveling I did this week took out lots of work time in my area, but we are still seeing lots of results! I love this work and all I am here to do! :)

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week, was interesting. Monday we had a miracle. There was this guy who stopped by us in the street on his motorcycle and told us he was a member and wants us to come teach him and his family. He wants his wife to get baptized. So we came over, taught them and they came to church and she loved it! Her name is Gladys and his Luis with their 7 year old daughter Florencia. Way cool family! They are working on the wedding right now so that they can get married and she can get baptized! It’s awesome! We have had two lessons with her and they love it! Elder Hellestern got transferred to villa Carlos paz, I am sad to see him go! We worked well together! I will be here with a nuevito (brand new). I am nervous and excited to train a new missionary, the Lord thinks I can do it so we will see how that goes. Crazy how fast one transfer flies!
I love this work, there are prepared people everywhere, sometimes they come to you on motorcycles, but usually if we are looking, we will find them! I know this work is true, we are gathering His sheep because we love Him.
Elder Nelson

Martin's Birthday

From the roof of Martin's apartment 

Messing around o n the roof

Messing around o n the roof

Messing around o n the roof

More of Martin's Birthday

The Rodriguez Family 

This dog followed us home last night so we gave him a name...
Brucey che dog!

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

This week was crazy. We went to a house of a family in the ward for new years, that was fun, we ate a big pig! Elder Hellstern and I put the goal to just invite more people to be baptized and we saw results it was great! I don’t really remember what happened this week. Ha! We had some really powerful lessons with a few investigators. One lesson was with a lady named Norma we taught her on her steps outside, I know she could feel the spirit and by the end she said, I know the Lord wants me to get baptized. After she said the closing prayer, the spirit was just so strong and then two little doves came and landed right beside us, the spirit was there. I remember afterwards thinking, wow, the Lord did that because she needed that experience of the spirit, and I think I really needed that experience too. It was a wake-up call to me. I love this work and I know this church is true and Christ is my savior! :)

Elder Nelson

Awesome clouds after a storm!

Awesome clouds after a storm!

Elder Hellstern and i bought jerseys from our soccer 
team here in Argentina, named Belgrano, 
they are from Cordoba

El papa Fransisco!

December 30, 2013

This week was great. Tue we went to the house of a family for Christmas Eve. The Family Juarez. They are really cool! A family from Mexico, well she is from Argentina but he is from Mexico and they use to live there, but we ate really good Mexican food and we spend the evening with them. Then we slept on the roof that night of our apartment and watched the fireworks. Then Christmas I talk to the good old fam! Then the rest of the week we worked. We are having a hard time really getting anything. All of us in the area are kind of struggling. We are working really hard to work more with the branch and the branch pres but it’s so hard, he’s never available, always working with the other jobs he has, so it’s been just kinda pushing along to see anything. but we are happy and excited for a bright future ahead :) today I talked to a guy who is a dad of a kid we found, but the dad didn’t want anything to do with me because I’m from the USA. He got mad that I stepped on his property and didn't want his son to have anything to do with me because I was North American. I have never really been on the end of being the minority before, it was a great perspective point. It’s been a good week overall! I love this work so much!

 Me in villa Maria

Me and Luis Juarez

Chrsitmas cookies :) 

The back of our mission t-shirts we got
from pres for 

December 23, 2013

I don’t feel like its Christmas. I’m sweating in 100 heat. I’m super confused because I don’t feel the Christmas spirit, but in 2 days its Christmas...haha but I feel the spirit of the Lord that testifies to me that He lives! Our Lord and savior, he came to this earth as an act of love, everything he did was because he loves us and now we celebrate this holiday season in love for family friends and all men, this week was great. We all went to Cordoba as a mission for our conference de navidad! It was great! Love our mission, la Mision Argentina Cordoba (the M.A.C) Is the best mission in the world (la mejor mision en el mundo). Presidente Alliaud dressed up like Santa and they passed out gifts. All the elders got ties! and the hermanas got scarves! We ate lots of what’s called Pan Dulce, which means sweet bread, it’s like cake, and everyone eats it for Christmas here. We have found lots of families to teach. After we put the goal to baptize 4 families next month, we have been finding great families! It’s when we push our standards and raise the bar is when the lord blesses us. I love this mission with all my heart! I love you all I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas

Elder Nelson

Elder Parejas and Elder Fields

 Hermana Alliaud, presidante, 
Elder Michalek hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Elder Henderson, Also from Spokane!

Elder Michalek, Waldron and me!