Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

This week we worked hard and saw miracles. One day as we were walking down the street, I saw this woman walking beside us and I began to talk with her. We spoke of the church and the gospel, we invited her to come to church, she accepted, then we asked if we could visit her and teach her, also accepted, we began teaching about baptism and the blessing of it, we then invited her to be baptized, she also accepted. So there are people everywhere who are humble to listen to the gospel, we just need to open our mouths in the streets and in every place we are. We can’t pray for missionary moments if we aren't willing to open our mouths and stand as a witness in all times in all things and in all places. I know that each and every missionary is a representative of Christ, and I also know that every member is a missionary, and what we do reflects our understanding of who Christ is, that is why we must KNOW HIM, our master who we serve. I love this work!

Oh yeah transfers..I stay and Elder Barbose to Rio Cuarto. I gave him my coat because its colder there. I may need to buy a new coat! :) My new comp is called a mini missionary. He’s from Cordoba and he’ll be with me until more missionaries come ha. His name is Hno Castro. He’s cool. I just met him. So he’s not an Elder but he’s about to leave for the mission. So all is good!

Elder Nelson
Sister Delgado and family made us these flags!

Sister Delgado and family made us these flags!

With Elder Barbosa and the Barbosa family
 (Jared didn't say if there is any relation my guess is no because
Elder Barbosa is from Brazil)

June 23, 2014

This week was great. Everyone is loving the world cup here. I never remember it being a big deal in the USA, but maybe it wasn't ever a big deal to me ha, but the next world cup I will for sure watch and follow. We have seen lots of miracles because of the world cup. Our presidente told us that we can watch the games of Argentina because the streets will be dead and everyone will be busy, but only on one condition, that it be a new investigator, so for example, I saw a young man walking in the street with a New York Jets hat. He probably had no idea that it was a football team, but I said I’m from the USA and I like your hat. We then began to talk a bit. Then I asked him if he was to watch the Argentina game against Iran. He said yes and then I asked if we could go by his house and watch with him because we don’t have a TV, he then agreed and said yeah come on by. So the next day we went by and he wasn’t there but his mom and family were and were expecting us to come and pulled us out seats by the TV and offered us food and stuff like that, it was great, and then we spoke a bit about the book of Mormon and we left them with a book and invited them to read, the agreed and we set an appointment to come back. They were a great family, humble and loving. By serving us two missionaries they served the Lord. Then that same day, in another ward in the stake, a man that is 80 years old was baptized. he really had passed through lots of problems for going to this church and for 7 months of going to church didn’t get baptized because he couldn’t believe, but the spirit and his feelings is what kept him going, but finally he made the choice to be baptized and it was glorious. After he was baptized and then came into the meeting room all changed and clean, he said something kind of profound, he said, "now nobody knows me because I’m a new person". he said it to make a joke, but how true and profound those words that after baptisms, it really is like starting over, and becoming new. It’s also how we feel after we worthily take of the sacrament. It’s amazing how this gospel is so wonderful and how we can feel so happy by abiding by its principles. I love this gospel and I know it’s true and I will defend it! :)

Elder Nelson

 Camilla, Veronica Delgado, me, Jonathan Delgado
and Lili Delgado

us crazy in the apartment

me and Manolo, the man who got baptized at 80 years

me in centro Cordoba

June 16, 2014

So this week was great. We had a few memorable experiences. We were able to help Camila get baptized. She had lots of help from her friends and support from the ward, and it was a really great experience for my companion as well being the first baptism of his mission. He loved it, he was able to do the ordinance. Saturday was crazy, we had to get the fount all cleaned and ready. The smoke from the last few times our poor little chapel was burnt left a few black stains in the fount and we had to clean that all up, as well as find a way to turn on the water heater, so we spent lots of time doing that and then we gave a training meeting for the teachers in the ward or those who are assigned to home teach or visit teach. We taught about teaching skills from PMG, after we held the baptism and all went well! yesterday Argentina played their first game in the world cup and won so the whole country was tucked away watching the game, and every time they made a goal, we would hear fireworks or a cannon or something like that. In houses we could hear the people yelling GGGOOOAAALLLLL!!!!! It was great. A fun week with the World Cup and with the baptism. I love this work and I love my Savior.

Elder Nelson

June 10, 2014

This week was really great. we are going to have a baptism on Saturday, Camilla, not sure if I talked about her last week, but she is a friend of members and has been listening to the Elders but now finally has permission from her dad to get baptized. My companion is really excited because it will be his first in his mission! I have been receiving lots of revelation this week too, I am learning so much, and I have never felt so much peace in my life (haha okay the word peace (but spelled different) in Spanish means pee so it always makes me giggle haha).

This last week was great, we had lots of fun. I love the Elders I live with and work with, they are all great elders. We are seeing changes in the ward, when I got here in this area we were seeing the attendance of the ward at 60 something, now we are at 86. It’s been great having so many in church. All of it done by reactivation and a few baptisms. We will have a few in the ward this Saturday, one convert and the other a member. Yesterday I was able to go to a leadership training meeting in the mission home, right next to the temple that is progressing well. It was a treat to listen to stories from my mission president and learn the doctrine from him. I am really convinced that this is the best mission in the world, just like every missionary feels about his mission, but it’s the best for me I guess. After the training meeting we rented a few soccer fields and played with presidente and the other leaders and Elders in the office. It was great. I’m getting better at my soccer skills, almost as good as Messi ha ha. I love this work. Once I head Elder Holland say that ever since the end of his mission he has prayed that this work is never ever over for him. I feel the same way. My time is running out here on the mission but I do pray that even after, it is never ever over for me. I love my savior and I will follow him.

Elder Nelson

Elder Rivera

Ha Elder Barbosa