Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 6, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

So, big news this week. We had transfers! I got a new companion! My "old" companion, Elder Jassman went to Capital to be a DL, he’s gonna do awesome, he’s so great. Elder Cuevas, Elder Gilman’s comp went to rio cuarto, they closed the 2nd companionship in Cosquin and that leaves Elder Gilman and me as comps. He goes back to his home in Eagle Idaho after this transfer. So for the 1st 4 transfers of my mission I will have a different comp ha! We are so excited to get to work here is Cosquin and baptize! We Have been teaching Paula and Venus and they both came to church yesterday!!! :) So cool they will be baptized soon! I’m having a good time here in Cosquin. I’m learning a lot about the Argentine culture and I love it. The more I learn the more a fall in love with it. These people are so cool. Not really much to report on other than transfers but I’m so excited to work with elder Gilman on his last transfer! He’s cool.
Elder Nelson

Elders Jassman, Nelson, Gilman and Cuveas

It still amazes me that my "little" boy is a missionary!  Awesome!

"The Hills are Alive...." haha! Elder Nelson and His companion Elder Jassman hiked
the Mountain between their area of Cosquin and Cordoba

The City of Cosquin behind Elder Nelson

Elder Jassman and Elder Nelson

With Elder Hughes after exchanges

Elder Nelson and His new companion Elder Gilman

Sorry, still new to blogging and I can't quite figure out the pictures so some are big and some are normal! haha I am just so happy to get pictures!!! ~Jill~

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