Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Monday the new two elders arrived. They are white washing the area of Jose I. Diaz 1 (White washing means they are both new to the area) So I went with Elder Larson on Tuesday and I helped him know the area and a few members and then Wednesday Elder Larson was able to go with Elder Montes his new comp to start work in their area. Elder Barbosa and I have been in our area working well with members. Still very little results. It’s interesting to see the Lords time in all things. I know that our area has the potential to burst in any moment, but as we keep in diligence we will then see the fruits. It’s a test of our faith. I know that with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can be sustained in our trials and make things happen. That’s been our quote for the mission recently, Make things happen, so even though the work is slow, things need to happen. Diligence and faith with a loving obedience to our Savior makes things happen.

It has been a good first week as a leader, I have learned lots and also never felt so tired in my life ha, but I love serving and being a minister. In the dictionary administer means to manage, minister means to help people according to their needs. I learned that it’s not just administering that makes a good leader, its most importantly ministering and guiding, just like the Savior. Before I was called to be a district leader I prayed for more opportunities to minister. I’ve seen that thus far in this week. It makes me think of when I was called as a 2nd counselor to the Elder quorum pres. I see similarities in the calling and it helped me know what to do. I love this work.


  1. I love his posts and his pics!

    1. He doesn't give much detail but somehow we still know how and what he is doing. :) I think the pictures help with that a lot!