Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

This week we worked hard and saw miracles. One day as we were walking down the street, I saw this woman walking beside us and I began to talk with her. We spoke of the church and the gospel, we invited her to come to church, she accepted, then we asked if we could visit her and teach her, also accepted, we began teaching about baptism and the blessing of it, we then invited her to be baptized, she also accepted. So there are people everywhere who are humble to listen to the gospel, we just need to open our mouths in the streets and in every place we are. We can’t pray for missionary moments if we aren't willing to open our mouths and stand as a witness in all times in all things and in all places. I know that each and every missionary is a representative of Christ, and I also know that every member is a missionary, and what we do reflects our understanding of who Christ is, that is why we must KNOW HIM, our master who we serve. I love this work!

Oh yeah transfers..I stay and Elder Barbose to Rio Cuarto. I gave him my coat because its colder there. I may need to buy a new coat! :) My new comp is called a mini missionary. He’s from Cordoba and he’ll be with me until more missionaries come ha. His name is Hno Castro. He’s cool. I just met him. So he’s not an Elder but he’s about to leave for the mission. So all is good!

Elder Nelson
Sister Delgado and family made us these flags!

Sister Delgado and family made us these flags!

With Elder Barbosa and the Barbosa family
 (Jared didn't say if there is any relation my guess is no because
Elder Barbosa is from Brazil)

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