Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 23, 2014

This week was great. Everyone is loving the world cup here. I never remember it being a big deal in the USA, but maybe it wasn't ever a big deal to me ha, but the next world cup I will for sure watch and follow. We have seen lots of miracles because of the world cup. Our presidente told us that we can watch the games of Argentina because the streets will be dead and everyone will be busy, but only on one condition, that it be a new investigator, so for example, I saw a young man walking in the street with a New York Jets hat. He probably had no idea that it was a football team, but I said I’m from the USA and I like your hat. We then began to talk a bit. Then I asked him if he was to watch the Argentina game against Iran. He said yes and then I asked if we could go by his house and watch with him because we don’t have a TV, he then agreed and said yeah come on by. So the next day we went by and he wasn’t there but his mom and family were and were expecting us to come and pulled us out seats by the TV and offered us food and stuff like that, it was great, and then we spoke a bit about the book of Mormon and we left them with a book and invited them to read, the agreed and we set an appointment to come back. They were a great family, humble and loving. By serving us two missionaries they served the Lord. Then that same day, in another ward in the stake, a man that is 80 years old was baptized. he really had passed through lots of problems for going to this church and for 7 months of going to church didn’t get baptized because he couldn’t believe, but the spirit and his feelings is what kept him going, but finally he made the choice to be baptized and it was glorious. After he was baptized and then came into the meeting room all changed and clean, he said something kind of profound, he said, "now nobody knows me because I’m a new person". he said it to make a joke, but how true and profound those words that after baptisms, it really is like starting over, and becoming new. It’s also how we feel after we worthily take of the sacrament. It’s amazing how this gospel is so wonderful and how we can feel so happy by abiding by its principles. I love this gospel and I know it’s true and I will defend it! :)

Elder Nelson

 Camilla, Veronica Delgado, me, Jonathan Delgado
and Lili Delgado

us crazy in the apartment

me and Manolo, the man who got baptized at 80 years

me in centro Cordoba

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