Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear friends and family,

Oh what a great conference we had this April. I love hearing the voices and counsel of the Prophets. I gained so much more from conference this time being on a mission. I love the prophet Thomas S. Monson and he has been called of our very Father in heaven to give us counsel for our lives filled with constant darkness and confusion. I love it.

Argentina is great. All of us in the area love it. I love the area. There are these things called alfajors and they are fantastic! We spend lots of money on those stupid but yummy things. They are basically a chocolate covered cookie with things like peanut butter filling. It’s so good! We all love them. There is a drink that is from Cordoba names Pritty. It’s kinda like mt dew but a bit different but its super good! The coke tastes better here. More sugar and so obviously its better ha! jk but I love this country. My testimony of eternal families is growing. Elder Jassman and I have a goal to find two families a day to teach, and we baptism families in this mission! I love this and I know that families are ordained of God and that only the gospel can truly keep families together forever. I know I am here to prepare to be who I need to be my own eternal family some day. I love this work and my heart is falling deeper in the work every day. I love the people! The lord trusts me with these people so I must show them my love and devotion to helping them come unto Christ. I love my savior and my testimony of this work is grand!

Elder Nelson

Sister Salas, Elder Nelson, Elder Jassman, and President Salas

Sister Salas, Elder Nelson, Elder Jassman, Elder Shaap and Prsident Salas

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  1. Sounds like he's doing awesome! And alfajores...they are awesome!