Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Oh my I love this country. I walked off the plane in Buenos Aires and I felt like I never wanted to leave. Then going into Cordoba made me wanna stay even more. I love that I’m actually finally in Cordoba!
(From Jared's personal message to Mom and Dad)

Dear Friends and Family!

I’m safe here in Argentina! I love it here. Very different than the states but it’s so cool! We got into Buenos Aires at about 7:30 am on Tuesday and then we were taken strait to another airport to fly to Cordoba, We flew to Cordoba and we met the aps and President and Hermana Salas. Very cool people. We then went to the mission home and did some legal work to get us all officially visa residents. Then the next day we found our trainers. My trainer is Elder Jassman from Alberta. He’s a cool guy. We like working together. I’ve had some interesting lunches with members. I had cow kidney and blood sausage but its great! So fun being here I love the people. I’m in the city of Cosquin in Cordoba. It’s in the mountains and it’s very pretty. I love the accents here, so different than Mexicans. There is four elders for this area. The other two are named Elder Gilman from Eagle, ID and Elder Cuevas from Paraguay. Elder Cuevas is deaf but he reads lips a little bit. He’s a funny guy. I love the people here. Everyone is Nuts about the pope! Even members talk about him a lot. The branch is small but strong. Very cool members. There is a few recent converts that are super excited about the temple. One of them is Carlos, and he goes out with us all the time he’s cool! I love to work. The work here is harder than the work in South Carolina, either that or I didn't work that hard in South Carolina ha! There are soccer fields everywhere and people love the Argentina National team. Different kind of culture and style of living but yet, lots of things are similar to the states. I hear the same music you would hear in the states all the time. I love this gospel and i know the Book of Mormon is the book that can solve all of mans problems in life. Building a testimony on this book is how people stay actively engaged in the church. I love you all!

Elder Nelson
Elder Nelson and Elder Jassman
The Apartment 

The Study Room


The bathroom 

Eva Peron in the cien..rare

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