Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hola, what a week! I’ve never worked so hard on my mission and been so tired. But it's good! We are seeing miracles in the Branch because of it. So this week we have had lots of ups and lots of downs. We have had really great lessons with people and then they either disappear or ignore us. It’s sad to see. When you learn to love people so much and have great lessons with them and see improvement and then see that they don’t want to talk to you or listen to the gospel, it’s just kinda sad. There is a lady named Ines who we have been working with since before I got here. We set a plan with her to quit smoking, come to church and be baptized. We felt so good in the lesson. We gave her a blessing of strength to quit and the spirit was so strong. But now, we try to find her and she either doesn't answer the door or her phone. We love her to death, she’s so cool. We are preparing to baptize a girl named Ayelen on Sunday. She is super cool and super prepared. Her mom passed away when she was younger and she has always wondered where she was. We shared the plan of salvation with her, and told her where her mom is right now. I remember saying to her that right now as Ayelen was hearing the lessons from us, her mom was hearing the lessons from missionaries in the spirit world. I feel that to be true, now Ayelen is excited to be baptized for her mom someday! So exciting. There really is no greater joy than the joy of sharing the gospel! I am doing well, just so tired. I’m gaining more confidence in the language which is really helping me become such a better missionary. Communication is key and now I can communicate lots better with people! Elder Petersen is great, he’s got lots of drive and I love him. he’s (Elder Petersen(lucas)) from Susanville, Cal and he’s a jokester! Way fun! I love this work, last night we watched the broadcast! Its so exciting the changes being made, I’m so lucky to be a missionary right now. We watched it in Spanish so we couldn't hear the actual voices of the Prophets and apostles but we could still feel the strong spirit! I love this work, anyone who chooses not to partake of this great work is missing out in the joy and happiness that comes from it! This is the work of the Lord, this is the purpose of why we are here. When I really think about that, nothing else really matters. I love my Savior and I feel so blessed, insufficient, but blessed to represent Him. I love you all!

Elder Nelson

My district from last transfer....Elder Oquendo from Columbia, me, Elder Gilman, Elder Parejas from Peru, Hermana Barretto from Uraguay, Hermana Suarez from Chile

Ha Ha Ha!

Favorite treat! (After cereal of course!)

The "guys" from La Bella Pizza! The Best Pizza!

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