Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week has been good! We have worked hard and found success. To be honest I really can’t remember much from this week, but it was good. ha time just flies and all the stuff just mushes together. But cool thing on Friday, There was a mission conference in Cordoba Capital with Elder Cook of the 12. It was so cool. We had Pres Salas talk, who is a Seventy, Elder Zeballas of the seventy and Elder Cook of the 12. It was way cool and such a good pick me up booster! Elder Cook talked on various topics, mainly helping others keep commitments like to read the book of Mormon and pray and go to church. As people begin to do these things they show their faith in the Lord, they begin to repent, and the Lord blesses them with a testimony. This is not just for investigators. This is for all of the children of God. kinda cool! Anyway at the conference I saw Elder Waldron from my MTC district, and my MTC comp Elder Michalek!!! oh I love those two. There’s something about the guys that have been there with you your whole mission! I love them!

Creepy story, today we went to the cemetery. Argentine cemeteries are different. There are tombs above grounds and one tomb was open and there was an open coffin and on top of the coffin was a skull. Someone’s freaking head!!! Kinda weird but whatever..WELCOME TO ARGENTINA! ha

Love you all!

Elder Nelson

A big old tomb

Goofin' around a bit at an Argentine cemetery 

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