Monday, October 21, 2013

October 14, 2013

Wow, what a week, we had some crazy experiences. Friday was great. This day was really just fun. We went to work in the morning and two people stopped us and tried to preach to us and gave us all of their material haha, it was funny, then we tried to do the same to them and they backed away and said no haha. Anyway, Friday it began to rain hard, the morning was hot and sunny, then the evening, was pouring hard, and so we were without jackets and completely soaked, we stopped by a member family to talk to them, and the Hermana saw us an took clothes of her husband for us to wear all dry for the rest of the night, so we worked the rest of the day in the clothes of Hermano Morales, ha and then we got a call from the elders in centro saying there is a hermana that has food for the alberdi elders, so we went and got a ton of good food ;) and then as we were walking home we found the family Morales in their car and stopped us to give us a ride home, so the family Morales is such a awesome family! :) Good rest of the week too, we found lots of cool people and we are working with a few like Patricia and Rita, they are friends but they are being thrown into trials the day they found us, so it’s hard, but we love the area and see the vision the Lord has for it! :)

Rio Cuarto! :)

 Elder Parejas and I in the clothes of Hermano Morales! :)

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