Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

This week has been really good, we have seen miracles. I'm staying in Alberdi for another transfer with Elder Parejas and I love it! It’s so great! I have been really praying and fasting to find prepared married families and priesthood holders, and the Lord has answered, we have found many ready families this week and now it’s up to us to be our own free agents and act on the blessings. We have an investigator named Pablo, he’s way cool, very catholic and at first didn't want to give anything up in that church, but last Sunday he came to church, and loved it, and he is reading a ton in the book of Mormon and so this week we asked him to be baptized, and he said “you want me to get baptized in your church?´´ and kind of puzzled we said “uhh..well....yeah, that's what we were thinking´´....and he said “oh uh when?´´ and we gave him a date to be baptized and he then said “well if I don't work that day then yeah, I’ll get baptized with you guys” and he committed himself to get baptized. The rest of this week, there has been many others who accepted to get baptized very easy...The Lord is preparing his children, I know it, and I see it every day. Let’s all keep on moving in this work and inviting all others to sing the song of redeeming love and come unto Him the Master. ´´A long pull, a strong pull and a pull all together´´- Joseph Smith....unfortunately High School Musical is right...we really are all in this together and once we really embrace that is when this work will flourish! :) I love you all!

Elder Nelson

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