Monday, October 21, 2013

October 7, 2014

This week has been great. i am learning a lot about the atonement in my own life and seeing the blessing if it is amazing. the change of heart that comes to one who is in the service of the Lord is amazing. I would invite all others to engage themselves in the work of the Lord, just only to see then changes in their own lives. the satisfaction of this is grand, but what’s even more satisfying is knowing someone is now with an eternal family, or that a broken lost heart, is now fixed and found in peace, or that a friend you know is now making good decisions in his or her life. I can testify of these great feelings of satisfaction and i know it’s all a part of the plan of the Lord. this week we have been working with a few families who really want to get baptized, it’s so great, but the temptations that come and the little distractions that Satan sends can often knock an investigator off course and put a stop to his or her progression, but, we have that in all things and that’s what helps us learn and grow.

The new excitement of the hastening of the work is great! the vision of God is so great that we cannot comprehend, but the Lord is hastening his work for a reason, so let us join together in the great cause of Christ against the opposition, Satan, so that we can be the tools in the Lords hands like the Sons of Mosiah of old, in bringing souls unto Christ, oh how great will be our Joy! I love you all!

Elder Nelson

Hno Vasconselo and me

An advertisement for  General Conference

Elder Parejas haha i love him we have lots of fun together

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