Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014

So big week this week. We had a baptism of a family of 3! It was so good not only for them, but for everyone involved. It really helped the excitement of the branch. It was so good. Then the conference with the baptism was fantastic I loved it. And now for the transfer report....I left ha, Elder Rivera stayed, I will miss him lots! but now I am in Cordoba Capital. I hear it’s a little sketchy the area, it’s a bit dangerous but it just makes me excited! I know the power of God will bless us. My new comp is Elder Brabosa from Brazil! He’s way cool and I’m excited because I’m going to start learning Portuguese from him!

I will miss Villa Maria. I left a lot of my heart there. It will be a place I will never forget. I grew to love so much the members! I will miss it tons.

I got here in my new area a bit ago and it’s really different, the apartment is horrible ha so it’s kind of hard making a change from an area so great to this area. I’m nervous but we will see how it goes!

In the conference I heard a lot about how our faith will be tried and we must defend it! I feel that is so true. These are not easy times, the rains are coming down and the floods are coming up and if we are not built upon the rock of Christ we will be washed away, so, let’s defend that rock and stay on it, the people in the sand may be laughing, and my ridicule us, but we heed them not as Lehi says, because we know in whom we have put our trust. I love this gospel, there is no other security blanket like this. Money can’t do it, neither possession, only the atonement of our Lord.

Elder Nelson

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