Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 31, 2014

This week was crazy, so Monday Elder Rivera went to Cordoba Capital to do some document work for his visa, I stayed in another area and worked with Elder Calvi from buenos aires. Then Elder Rivera came back tue afternoon. then Thursday Elder Ownes, Riggs and I (other elders we live with) had to go to Cordoba to do document work, so elder Rivera stayed in the other area for a good day until we got back. As we left Elder Calvi gave us coupons to McDonalds, so when we went to Cordoba we ate McDonalds free! haha its way different than in the USA. The weather is cooling down, heading into fall weather, I love the fall season, especially in Argentina. We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday. Veronica who came last week felt sick so she couldn't come, but her daughter Barbara and her little brother came, they are cool. I think Barbara went last night to the women’s session too, then we had victor who is mad at us because he doesn't want to give up a few things to get baptized haha and then the brother of a less active named Julio. So we have potentially a few baptisms for April! Way excited! All great people! The work is progressing, slowly but its coming. A lot of these wards and branches in Cordoba are very strong, and others not so much. Others need a little more pushing along ha, but the people are so wonderful! I really love this place!

Elder Nelson

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