Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

This week was difficult, still working with the investigators that need to get married. The ward is doing alright. It’s kind of hurting right now with low number of active priesthood holders, but the bishop is great and so we do lots of work with him. I live with two other Elders Elder Coral and Elder Williams and they are great, Elder Williams and I are almost the same person, we get along great. Elder Barbosa and I are doing well, we are getting along great and we have lots of fun together. I am speaking a little bit of Portuguese now ha, with a bit more time speaking I hope I can get down the basics at least. We are doing our best to do our part in hastening the work of salvation. We are inviting members to do as Elder Nielsen directed in the oct 2013 conf, pray for the investigators and missionaries. We feel this little baby step will help more members get active in doing something to help the work. If they can act, it will not only help the investigators but also their lives, because we all should become "engaged in a good cause". I love this work and I know it’s true.

Elder Nelson 

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