Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 12, 2013

Last week was crazy but wonderful. I was on an exchange with my district leader named Elder Goncalvez from Paraguay. He’s such a spiritual giant and he’s so incredibly smart. He’s a convert of 2 years and has the same time in the mission as me. He really helped me regain focus, and fix a few of my errors. I love that guy. Elder Cuevas and I then worked hard the rest of the week. We found 15 new investigators last week, now what we gotta do is help them progress. The key to progression in the gospel is keeping commitments such as praying reading and going to church. What we need help in right now is getting investigators in the church on Sunday ha. So this week that is what we will focus on! We really had a good week of just working hard to fulfill our goals. It’s really hard at times to do it, but the Lord always gives us an extra nudge to hit them. I love this gospel and I love seeing it change lives. Our apartment is in the area of the elders in Centro Rio Cuarto, I guess what I heard is Alberdi is too dangerous for the elders, so that’s comforting haha! There are areas of Alberdi that we need to leave when dark comes. It’s hard though because lots of our investigators are where the danger is. But we fit our lessons in. We have an investigator named Brisa of 12 years old, who is the daughter of a member but isn’t baptized. She is very shy and timid but she’s cool. She wants to get baptized but isn’t coming to church with her mom. We are looking for members, young women or young women leaders to come with us to visit her, but nobody can, so we are really working with her and she may be the next baptism in Alberdi.

Thanks for all your support!

Elder Nelson

The front of the apartment 

My Desk

A Plaza in Rio Cuarto

Elder Cuevas 

Flags of Argentina, Cordoba and Rio Cuarto

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