Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013

Okay so now I am in Rio Cuarto!!!!! woohooo. It basically means the 4th river! The ward is Called Alberdi and it’s a nice place. There is a stake in Rio Cuarto so there are a good amount of members. The ward is bigger than the branch in Cosquin in theory but less show up to church. Kinda funny that more show up in Cosquin ha. But the ward here is strong. Small right now. but strong! There were only 30 something members in church yesterday :/ so we have some work to do. Yesterday we had dinner with the bishop and his family. He’s a cool guy who really wants to help the ward. His name is Bishop Alaniz, they are such a cool family. He talked about the Elder from the branch in Oroville that came here, Elder Glanzer. They loved him and told me some funny stories about him haha. I love the bishop we are working close together to keep building the ward. There have been many trials and difficulties for me just in the past week. My Mission pres wasn't kidding when he said this is my trial transfer, but I keep on keeping on. I live in an apartment in Centro Rio Cuarto. It’s a really nice apartment, a lot nicer than Cosquin ha. Don’t worry mom is safe. There are a few dangerous areas in my area. But, only really at night. We always have to be careful because we have a big target on our back always haha. Many people in the street call out to me and always ask me, hey where are you from? Just waiting to hear my gringo Spanish say Los estados unidos.I usually say Bolivia haha. My companion is deaf so it’s difficult to communicate with him. He reads lips so I need to speak clearly and slowly for him. I sing a lot in the streets as we walk because, well he can’t hear ha, but he’s a good guy and a hard working elder. I live in the apartment with 2 other elders, they work in Centro, so it’s fun. One is from Brazil and the other is from Mexico. I told the one from Brazil I want to learn Portuguese! He said he would help me if I taught him more English! I said “deal!” It’s been asked of all Latinos in the mission to learn English so they have language study too.

Great area great ward, lots of trials but still I am very happy! I love you all :)

Elder Nelson
Sorry no photos today, i forgot my card reader ha and there is way to do it with just the card with these computers here haha

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  1. I can't lie. I love to see how he writes because you can tell he's thinking in Spanish, but writing in English assuming we also think like that! I posted this blog on Facebook for Andy Glanzer. Super small world!