Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

This week was good! We worked super hard to get investigators progressing. We had lots of appointments set but lots of them fell through, so we spent lots of time walking and contacting. Many of our investigators are really cool, at times wishy washy but way cool. We had a zone conference on Thursday in Cordoba and it was really inspiring. I love Presidente Alliaud. He’s so great! I got a little gift from Hermana Alliaud for my birthday, she won’t let me open it until my birthday, so I wait, but I felt special haha. I really try hard in this work and I find that no matter what, the Lord will consecrate our efforts if we give it all we have with diligence. We had 0 in church yesterday for investigators and none progressing but, none the less we move forward. A week of good trials and success spiritually.

I watched a video in a zone conference this week and it was Elder Holland talking to mission presidents, he said at times the elders will ask, why is it so hard to baptize, why is it so hard to keep people active, why is it so hard to work with the ward, why..and isn't there any easier way to do it? I thought personally at times in all situations we think why is this so hard, hard to do HT, hard to have FHE hard to get up and read every day, hard to live the commandments with exactness....and then Holland said in his firm loud voice ¨I believe that Salvation is not a cheap experience! It was never easy for the man who took upon him our sins, why would it be easy for us? He then said we cannot come to a firm testimony of these things without tasting a very small piece, very very small, of what our savior had to take upon him for us to find salvation. He then said when we ask why it’s so hard, isn't there another way, we need to remember that someone much better asked that same question on the Mount of Olives. So powerful...

Elder Nelson

In Cosquin with Fransisco, he’s a new convert of a year, from brazil, way cool guy!

An investigator in Cosquin named Margarita, she is going to be baptized soon I hear! 

Serigo quevedo in Cosquin

Cosquin photo, with Norma, her kids and her future eternal companion! 

Zone Rio Cuarto with President, his wife and assistants

Downtown Rio Cuarto

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