Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

This week was great, we are really working hard to find through the members, the members are the source to finding solid investigators, they know the people, they support them in the progression and it's always more powerful to have friends help in conversion. Elder Cuevas and I are doing well, the unity is there, we are gaining more and more and we are growing to really love each other! We have a few investigators that are slowly progressing. Maxi is about 25ish and needs to get married before he can get baptized, so we are really working with him on the wedding. His girlfriend is a member and she wants to get married right now, but he wants to wait, they don't have money so it’s difficult, but the Lord will always provide.
I am learning lots these past few weeks and still I’m being tested to my max! This is a transfer of trials and errors that are correcting me. There is a talk by Gene R Cook and he said something like the trials and hardships that we often try to avoid are what makes us into Godly men. So I pass through these trials with that hope, that this will give me the learning from on high I need.
I love the mission and I’m always excited to start a new week and do better!

Elder Nelson

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