Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 29, 2013

Saturday (7-27-13) Jolee and I were contacted on Facebook by a Sister in the Branch Jared has been serving in, her name is Norma Bustos. This is some of what she said to us. (My Niece Chelsea who recently returned from her mission in California, Spanish speaking, was kind enough to translate this message for us)

“Your son Jared is a special boy. Here we take care for him and love him a ton. He is a great example for the youth in the branch and our people. He loves our heavenly father. He makes an effort to learn better every day time after time. He is humble and so loving to all the members. He and his companion call me Mamma Norma. It is cold here but I take care of them so they have a warm place, so they eat, and take care of the colds. God takes care of his special youth like Elder Nelson. It takes a huge effort to be in the mission and so far from his family especially in my country. Thank you for supporting him so that he can be here!


Hey I don’t have lots of time but thanks for the update!

I got transferred to Rio Cuarto, Cordoba in a ward named alberdi. My new comp is elder Cuevas who was with me in cosquin. He’s deaf but has a testimony way strong! I was called by the zone leaders last night and they told me that president put me here with him because I knew him and because pres wants me to prove I’m a leader. I guess they expect a lot from me working with him haha no se but I’m way excited to be here. Rio Cuarto is a little version of the city of Cordoba. It’s pretty big and rich too. I love it so far! Norma told me all about your chat. She’s great I love her, when I told her I was leaving she cried and all the kids were sad too! I love that family and I’m so happy they are going to be eternal on Sep 11th :) (it just made that day happy now!) I love you sorry for it being short! :)


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