Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16, 2013

This week was good, kind of nuts, Elder Flores in area centro didn't have a comp for a few days because he got in late to Rio Cuarto from Cordoba, so he was with us for a while, and then we went to Cordoba for a conference with Elder Zeballos of the 70. He’s a cool guy. They made a new rule for the mission. they really want us to focus on families, and we kept baptizing little kids, but without support they fell away really fast, so if we want to baptize a kid younger than 12 years old solo of without his or her family, they need to go to church for 3 months straight before baptism. But if they are with their family only 2 weeks, so with this we need to really focus on baptizing families. I set a personal goal to really force myself to focus on the families, it’s so important that we baptize families and not just single people in a family, there is so much support that come from a family baptism. I love this work and I love the power of families. I love my family, my extended family, my ward family and all those who love and support me, I can feel it every day! I love you all!

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