Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

This week was great, kind of crazy, but way good. I learned a lot. Lots about my Savior, I really am coming to know him more on the mission. This week we met with lots of families that are loving what we are sharing and really feeling the spirit in the lessons and prayers. It’s been great! Saturday we made a cake and put dulce de leche over it. we were going to bring it to a family of investigators but because of complications we didn’t get it to them, so we took it to a single lady in the ward, who lives by herself and is lonely sometimes, so we passed by her house and said Martha, we brought a cake! and we ate the cake together, and she was expressing to us that earlier that day, she was a little sad about her ex husband, and how she misses the good times with him, and then she began to get emotional and said that it’s been a long time since she had a cake for her birthday, and so it really helped her. These sweet single ladies that every ward has are so special, they are angles who really love the Lord and really work hard to keep the commandments. I now feel the importance of making sure these women are not left out and forgotten. They need the service of the Priesthood in their home, and it’s our responsibility as worthy men to give them the service and love they need. I will forever treasure that experience and what I learned from it. I love this work and I love my mission, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve. We also had transfers and I’m staying in Alberdi and Elder Parejas is my new companion. He was in my district in Cosquin so I know him pretty well! He’s way cool!

Elder Nelson

Elder Parejas my new comp! he's a good guy! i love him already..
maybe because i know him already ha! but he's awesome! 

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