Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

This week has been good. Our investigator Adrian is progressing, he is now quitting smoking and drinking and he is going to church. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and I know that he will be a great priesthood leader for his family in the near future! I love seeing the changes in the lives of families. We went to their house the other day and I asked Adrian what changes he has seen in his life since he began to listen to us and read the Book of Mormon. At first he couldn’t really think of much, but as he thought more and more, he began listing lots of very important changes in his life and family. I could tell that he and his wife were happier together and that their family seemed more relaxed and at peace and I promised him that it was only going to improve after his baptism and he said in response "Ojala que si" which means basically “It better be!” ha. Very cool family and I can’t wait for his baptism! :) I’m doing way good, I love my comp and my area, lots of cool people! The mission is the best!

Elder Nelson

Zone conference, with Elder Zeballos

Elder Me, Maxi (an investigator eternal who needs to get married
to his member girlfriend before baptism.
Way cool guy i love him), Elder Cuevas

The familia Garcete, way cool family one of the girls is coupled with Maxi,
they have a cute kid named Kevin. way cool family,
been members a long time, now we are working
with them and activation :)
We played pool the last p-day of last transfer! (me)

            This is Elder Bohne from California

I e-mailed Jared after receiving this picture of Elder Bohne and asked if it was just me or does Elder Bohne look a lot like him. His response...
Everyone asks us if we are related, on P-day we went to the pharmacy to get ibuprofen and the lady in the store asked us if we were brothers ha, its not just you ha,

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