Monday, September 9, 2013

September 2, 2013

This week was good, one of the best weeks I’ve had as far as working. My comp and I are really trying to focus on the things we can control and leave in the hands of the lord the things we can’t. We are really trying to Give effort enough so that the Lord can consecrate our efforts. The ward is doing well, the number of less actives in church is going up, many lass actives came yesterday and i feel like lots of them want to keep coming. We found a less active lady whose husband is not a member and her 8 year old daughter wants to be baptized but she wants her dad to baptize her, so her nonmember dad has accepted to start to come to church and listen to us so he will be able to baptize his daughter. So kinda cool, a little ray of hope for us after weeks of little progress, so we are going to work with them so they can reach their goals! We come to the last week of the transfer and I can’t believe it, its flying by so fast! Saturday we get transfer calls and I’m pretty sure I’ll stay here but who knows, anything could happen! Ha I love you all thinks for everything!

Elder Nelson

Elder Flores and Elder Sandoval of my district bought ice cream for my birthday! 
In the photo in order Elder Sandoval de Chile, Elder Cuevas de Buenos Aires, 
Elder Flores de Mexico and me

Pollo asado, or grilled chicken over a fire, everyone goes crazy over asado here, 
its just meat being cooked over coals, i don't see the big deal, 
but everyone loves it here! HaHa

This picture was taken at Jared's farewell open house in December 2012
His Papa passed away September 2, 2013
We were able to talk to Jared on the day of Papa's passing. He is doing well. Loving his mission and the people. His mission president told us he has been a great missionary with a heart of gold. Jared said this "I’ve been praying since I started my mission that he (Papa) would be around after my mission so I could see him again. It’s kind of hard for me to hear, but I’m okay, I’ll be just fine, I know the plan that the Lord has for me and my family and I know that God would not take someone I love away without the opportunity to be with them again, God is a just God and I know all will be well."

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