Friday, November 8, 2013

November 4, 2013

This week was great. It really was. I was able to learn a lot and grow spiritually. I've learned lots of new things that have helped my growth. The gospel is great. The changes it makes. We were walking in the street and I saw this guy on the side, outside his house. I felt the prompting to talk to him but at the same time, every reason in the world flew to my mind why I shouldn't, but I did, I talked to him, he let us enter his house and started to tell us everything. He’s been separated from his wife for 3 months because of things he has done and all he wants to feel is forgiven. We gave him a Book of Mormon, taught him to pray, and he promised to do it, when we followed up with him he had been reading and praying and he says he feels so happy, the thoughts of his wife don’t torment him as much and he feels more of the spirit in his life. I cried, he’s so cool and so prepared by the lord. His name is Ruben and he was so excited to come to church, he showed up at 8:15...45 min early to make sure he was on time...he was there before we were and we were early. He stayed for all 3 hours and loved it, he’s going to be baptized the 16th with a chance of earlier, we’ll see...but he really was our miracle for the week. We had found more prepared people but their progression is not as rapid as his, he’s a cool good guy and I love him to death! With that, I've been growing so much in my studies, really helping me focus on what’s important that is really...inviting others to repent, and not telling and talking but helping them have their own spiritual experiences. What a great calling. I love this work we are all called to!

Elder Nelson

Letter from my little cousin Megan 

Kind of a weird photo but we bought ice cream for Elder Cruz
for his birthday, in the photo is Elder Goncalvez at the top left,
Elder Reyna at the botton and Elder Flores

 Street flood, it rained so hard the other day

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