Monday, February 4, 2013

January 23, 2013

Friends and Family:

This week has been a Big building week for me. I have so much to learn, but i know that I’m getting more and more guidance and help from the Lord each day. Yesterday i began to read Jesus The Christ. Such a great book so far, I have developed a strong love and need for my savior just from the first three chapters. in Preach My Gospel on page 8 I think, it says as we come to learn more about the atonement, our desire to share this gospel will increase, and I testify that is true, as I come to really know this gospel and as I come to really know the difference in living the gospel and not living it, in this life and after, I find and realize how important it is that we lovingly declare this urgent and important news to our brothers and sisters. Jesus is The Christ. Christ lives today and I testify of His reality in my life. I love my big brother. He loves me, He cares about me, He is the one who will plead my case to Father in the last days, and the least I could do for him is to preach His gospel with the spirit, and invite all others to develop a relationship with Christ.

My days here in the MTC are numbered. I leave in 3 weeks, hopefully if all is well with my visa. I have not heard anything, which could be good, but it also could be really bad, so I keep praying for it but only if it be His will. I love my zone and district. It’s been wonderful being with them. i have the responsibility to help orient the incoming Elders and Sisters into our zone for their first two days in the MTC. It’s great because i get to know them all really well right away. Last week our zone received a new district. 6 elders 6 sisters all going to missions in Chile and tonight we get 8 elders and 4 sisters all going to New York except one going down the road to the Ogden mission! Pretty exciting. My companion elder Michalek is great!! We get along really well, he’s such a nice kid and he’s such a peacemaker! I’m blessed to have him as my comp. I learn so much from him! Spanish is well! I love it! I just need to be better at speaking it more ha. Anyway I hope yall are well! I love you all!

- Elder Nelson 

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