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December 19, 2012

Jared's First letter; received December 19 2012

Hello everyone! This last week at the MTC has been crazy!! I love it tho, I’m so happy to be here and I LOVE being a missionary, I can only imagine how excited I’ll feel when I get into the field! But this last week has been by far the best experience of my life and its only one week into my mission. I love this gospel and I’m learning so much more about it and I’m learning a lot about how to bring investigators to come unto Christ and how they can receive a testimony by reading the Book of Mormon. My first day was nuts for me. I got a lot of rules and a lot of teaching thrown at my face and it didn’t feel good, but as I woke up the second day, prayed for help, and I’ve loved every min since! I’m honestly so happy to be here the spirit is so strong and I love the feeling of always being busy in the work of the Lord. This is what I call being engaged in a good cause and it feels so good! I love this work. We are doing role plays right now and teaching a fake investigator. His name is David Ramos and we have to teach him in Spanish. Spanish is weird, but I’m getting it. My progression from day 1 has been a ton, so I know the spirit is helping me learn. It’s been tough but as we teach him, with the spirit I feel the Spanish words come to me and I can get across what I want to say. One time i was trying to say that Christ died for the sins of the world and sins in Spanish is pecados, but i said pescados which means fish ha so Christ died for the fish of the world ha so it was funny my comp laughed at me and David was confused but it was all funny! My companion is Elder Michalek (Mitch-a-leck) and is from down the road in Lehi Utah. His family is from Argentina so he has background in the area a bit and his dad gave him a bunch of advice! He’s really cool, he really wants to learn and grow, he graduated last year and has never left home before so everything is a new experience for him. I was called to be the leader for my district for the first little while and it’s been a great experience for me. I have more responsibility and more stuff to do on top of all the stuff that we are already asked to do but it’s been a blessing to me to get to know my district and serve and love them. i love helping those in my district. i love them all! President Mortensen is my branch pres and he’s so cool! i love him. the second counselor is hermano nilsson who served in Cordoba and served with President Salas (My mission pres). its been great to get to know them! I saw elder jordan whitehead and elder daniel ellingson and elder ryan medlyn all from Colorado. it was great to see them after so long. Once i figure out how to send pics i will!! my shoes have already tore out so that’s a bummer, thats what i get for bringing old shoes i guess, but i have other newer ones that are intact still so I’m good! ha! I leave for Argentina on Feb 11th, so I’ll be here for 9 weeks, pray for the visas!! Well i love you all and i hope all is well at home!

Love, Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson with Elder Michalek 

Elders Ellingson, Whitehead and Nelson 

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