Monday, February 4, 2013

January 2nd 2013

Jared's third letter; received January 2nd 2013

This week has been wonderful. I have been soaking in so much of the gospel. I have learned more in these past three weeks than i have in the past three years. This gospel is truly amazing to me. This week has been interesting. Last Wednesday i went and got my rib checked out,the MTC heath center was full so i went to the

BYU health center, and it was just some inflamed tissue and muscle. Still super sore but getting better. one of the Elders in my district got appendicitis (i hate spelling medical terms but i hope you all understand ha) so he was out for a few days, but he got to see his family who came down from West Jordan, Ut. but he is well now. There has been a flu break out here, like real bad. I'm fine (knock on wood) but many members of my zone are out due to this. There has been so many kids with this flu and even many kids who got sent to the hospital, kinda crazy, but we are on a no hand shaking deal here. My district is wonderful, there are three elder companionships and one sister. The sisters leave tomorrow for the Dominican Republic MTC so it is sad but they will love it. My Spanish is getting lots better, more and more things begin to click for me each day. Speaking it more really helps, it’s awesome! i have really grown to love my teacher Hermano Salisbury. he is so spiritually strong and teaches me so much. Every time he teaches i just get so motivated and excited about being a better missionary. he’s been a blessing to me. I get to see Elder Clark Randall!! What a blessing in my life!! That Elder brightens up my day every time i see him! He’s such a stud! Other than that this week has been same old learning, but i love it, its so fun.

-Elder Nelson

Jared with his district!

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