Monday, February 4, 2013

December 26, 2012

Jared's Second letter; received December 26, 2012

Week two down. going into my third week is exciting, im finally getting in the hang of things! this last week was big for me tho, i had a lot of eye openers and ah ha moments to missionary work. i leartned a lot about setting goals and planning, and ive been really learning the importance of the book of mormon in conversion and what a useful tool it is. it proves everything about this church, i love it! this week has also been very fun, ive been bonding more with my district and comp, and making this work fun is the key to well having fun and not making it miserable. always being happy really helps my motivation! thursday i was playing basketball and this hot shot basketball played thrusted his knee into my ribs while he was going up for the lay in. he had good lay in form, but in MTC ball he will soon learn that this isnt college basketball and jets need to be cooled somtimes ha, but im in pain a lot because of it, i sneeze of cough and it feels like a knife is stabbing my side, and it sucks sleeping because every position i lay down it irritates it, so im gonna get it checked out, i thought it was just a brusie but it dosnt seem to feel that way anymore. oh well, im sure ill be fine. The spanish is comming along good. i just need to keep studying and speaking it more so that when i need it the spirit will help me find it. but im not discouraged about it or overly excited and doing tremendously well with it. but im right on track and keeping up. its been a fun/interesting experience.
Christmas was wonderful. it was good to hear from some amazing speakers like Russel M. Nelson and the painter Greg Olson. their testimonies of christ really helped my testimony. i have to say, i got the most out of this years chirstmas for my testimony than i ever had in my life. my love and appriciation for the Savior greatly enhanced. i grew to love him not just as my savior or as Jesus Christ, but as my brother and family member who knows me personally. we watched the movie it's a wonderful life. what i great movie, i loved it, its very motivating and eye opening, we really do help out more people than we know. my christmas day was wonderful and i hope all of yours was fantastic as well! I know my Savior lives and i know that this is his true church.
Love, Elder Nelson

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