Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

The last few days have been big for me, yesterday they took my finger prints to give to the Argentina Consul to process for my visa, and I messed up and they didn't have any more papers to put prints on, so I had to redo them today, the day we met with the Argentina Consul, so I got it done this morning. Luckily, gave it to the Consul for Argentina and he said they looked good and that I would have about a 90% chance of being approved. Argentina is really strict and they don't really like the church but love the money they get from the church, so we were advised to not ask religious questions during the Q and A with him and to be very respectful, but I think it all went well and what he said about Argentina made me 200 times more excited to go! So hopefully they will process the visas and I’ll be out of here in a week to two weeks, if not by then I will get a temp assignment. This probably makes no sense I am trying to get through this with the little time I have but hopefully I’ll be in the field at maximum 2 weeks! this week during this whole process of meeting with the visa agents and the Argentina Consul, my patience has been tested in only ways that I can understand, but I learned from it, I learned to rely on the Lord no matter what and to relax when finger printing ha! I love this gospel and I am so happy to be here on a mission. Yes I am staying longer in the MTC than I thought, but if it be the will of the Lord, it’s my will as well. The Lord knows all and I'm blessed for being here! Well that's the only real exciting thing from me this week I guess. The language is going super well and I love speaking it and I'm having a good time here! I hope all of you are well!
Love Elder Nelson

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