Monday, February 4, 2013

January 9, 2013

Jared's fourth letter; received January 9, 2013

This was a big week for me. As i have been continuing my studies and my efforts of being a missionary, my thoughts about things have been switched to an eternal perspective. it’s really been amazing to me how I'm seeing things so differently now. It makes me a happier person because no matter how hard things get for me at times, I will have a peace in my heart knowing that, this life and things that happen here, are only temporary and really don’t matter. They especially don’t matter because of Jesus Christ and his suffering for us. because Christ suffered for us, he took with him all our worries sorrows and sins, so there should be no reason that they should weigh on us when he has already taken them, all we have to do is submit ourselves to the Lord, keep his commandments and give him our sorrows and sins. I testify and know from my own life that this is true. Give it to the Lord. But with that, we must also recognize all blessings come from him, therefore we must be ever so thankful to our Savior. im so thankful for such a merciful Master!

But life here has been good! i really got use to my teachers and really began to love them so much, but now they left and we got new ones because it’s a new semester at BYU so schedules change. The new teachers are great, very serious and tough but amazing! i just miss my old teachers, they have taught me so much and things were going really well with them, so it has really been a test of my faith to be honest, but when i look at it as a challenge from the Lord to make me better and change me into the kind of servant he needs, its motivating and I’m growing to love my new teachers!!

My study a few days ago was in Moroni 7. it talks about hope and faith and how both are important, but it also says that hope and faith are nothing unless we have charity. to me i took it as we will not be blessed unless we love and serve the lord's people! That’s really motivating to me and after i studied that, i was go pumped! well I’ve only got about a month or so left here in the MTC, nothing back on my visa yet, so i hope it comes in soon! Hope you guys are doing well!

- Elder Nelson

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