Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week, was interesting. Monday we had a miracle. There was this guy who stopped by us in the street on his motorcycle and told us he was a member and wants us to come teach him and his family. He wants his wife to get baptized. So we came over, taught them and they came to church and she loved it! Her name is Gladys and his Luis with their 7 year old daughter Florencia. Way cool family! They are working on the wedding right now so that they can get married and she can get baptized! It’s awesome! We have had two lessons with her and they love it! Elder Hellestern got transferred to villa Carlos paz, I am sad to see him go! We worked well together! I will be here with a nuevito (brand new). I am nervous and excited to train a new missionary, the Lord thinks I can do it so we will see how that goes. Crazy how fast one transfer flies!
I love this work, there are prepared people everywhere, sometimes they come to you on motorcycles, but usually if we are looking, we will find them! I know this work is true, we are gathering His sheep because we love Him.
Elder Nelson

Martin's Birthday

From the roof of Martin's apartment 

Messing around o n the roof

Messing around o n the roof

Messing around o n the roof

More of Martin's Birthday

The Rodriguez Family 

This dog followed us home last night so we gave him a name...
Brucey che dog!

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