Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well, I have my son! My hijo! His name is Elder Rivera from Peru!!! He has 3 weeks in the mission and is 18 years old. I love him to death! He came with a nice new suit with nice new shoes and bright white shirts! We all marveled at his clean clothes! It’s defiantly weird being on the other side now of training. I’m so use to being the young one and being trained but now I’m the one who is the example. But in reality he is training me. It’s an experience I feel I’m getting more out of than he is. Tuesday I went to the city of Bellville with the zone leaders so I could stay there that night and then travel to Cordoba with a sister who was training also so that she wasn’t traveling alone. We took a 3 hour bus trip to C√≥rdoba, then we took a taxi to the mission home, then we had a meeting for the trainers about how to train ha, (In our meeting with presidente someone asked what if we feel unqualified to do this, Pres said, that means you understand what it is you have to do, and he said that we are all unqualified, but we also aren't asked to do it alone, so he said doubt not fear not.....well here I go, I’m trying to just be a good example and love him as much as I can.) Then we were shown to our new companions, and we ate food did some office work and left to Villa Maria. It’s been such a fun time helping a new missionary. He did a lot of what I did, asking lots of questions and just kind of day dreaming most of the time ha but he’s great, he’s very smart and has lots of great ideas about how to help the work go forth. I love him. We had kind of a slow week, just getting the hang of things with the new companions and everything, all the traveling I did this week took out lots of work time in my area, but we are still seeing lots of results! I love this work and all I am here to do! :)

Elder Nelson

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