Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

I feel like I’ve gone through a great build up week. I can feel the atonement working in me. It’s amazing how when we get close to the Lord, we can begin to see the great work he does in us. I watched the talk by Pres Eyring from October 2012 called where is the pavilion I think, and he talks about how when we go away from the lord we feel like he leaves us, but he never leaves us, he’s always there, but when we come to the Lord like he comes to us, we will never lose him. Elder Rivera is doing great, I feel like he’s training me, I’ve learned some really great lessons from him, he asks me a lot of questions, especially about the rules of the mission, like why? Why do we do this, why is it this way, and when I answer I learn. The doctrine always gives us the answer why, so as we study the doctrine we will know why we have to do things and we will change. We can find the doctrine in the scripture in conference talks, but every time someone begins to study doctrine, they begin to change. Elder Packer says when one understands the true doctrine, he will changes his attitude and behavior. This is true and I see it as my companion makes me look for the reasons WHY. I love this gospel and I love my Savior, I pray that not only I can become like him but I pray this gospel will spread rapidly so we all can become like Him.

Cordoba Temple in progress

Me and Elder Rivera

My Companion and I with President and Sister Alliaud

Finally got the Christmas packages! ha

Service project with the Juarez family

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