Saturday, August 30, 2014

July 14, 2014

I have had a good week. It’s been really crazy with the world cup.  What a great experience to see how things go down here for the world cup. South America loves the world cup, lots more than we do in the good old US of A. Wednesday when they played Holland, nobody was doing much and there was a big Riot type crowd in downtown Cordoba. I saw on the news, there were thousands of people in the street cheering and yelling. Kind of cool. But after the final when they lost, there were only people in the street trying to lift up spirits. It’s a REALLY BIG DEAL here in Argentina. I didn't know how big of a deal it is. My companion is from Córdoba. 

This week has been really fun. Our ward saw a baptism this week for a guy named Lucas. He’s about 25 and he is the security guard for the chapel. He had a wonderful service. As we are seeing the changes in missionary work, I find that it’s a lot harder to knock on a door and enter a house, especially in Cordoba with all the crime. but when members are involved in teaching their friends, then the missionaries have a solid way to teach the people the gospel. A lesson in the home of a member is one of the greatest things for missionary work. As we see this happening more and more in our ward we see stronger and stronger investigators and more and more baptisms. With Lucas, he was taught in the church building, every lesson with members, the spirit that there was strong! and he was able to come to know and understand the gospel in a powerful way. 
Wednesday my comp and I went to the house of a member. Wednesday was 9 de Julio or the 9th of July and it was independence day in Arg. so the members made us a Argentine food called banna ( said like Baña) cauda. It’s really Italian but people eat it here. It’s a white sauce with fish bits. We put it over chicken and veggies. It was way good! The family is named the Sanna family! Way cool family. Well that was my week. I love you all.

Elder Nelson
Jared gave no explanation for this picture but I am thinking
I am safe to assume this is the kind of place he goes
 to use the computer to write to us! 

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